Mo Teague


WCA Founder and Chief Instructor

Mo Teague started martial arts training over thirty years ago, and has trained in Karate, Judo, Boxing, Sambo, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Silat, Wing Chun, Tai Chi and Jeet-Kune-Do.

He served for fifteen years in an elite british army infantry regiment, seeing active service four times. Including Northern Ireland and Gulf War 1. He was a qualified:

Weapons and tactics instructor, Bomb search adviser,

Arrest and restraint instructor, Signals Instructor, Mountain Leader (CIV Qual)

Mo was also a member of a covert surveillance unit, a member of The Guardian Angels, worked as a bodyguard and was a bouncer for over ten years having over 300 street fights. He now training bouncers and bodyguards and teaches Special Forces and law enforcement agencies.


"Incredibly authentic background in the real arts, this man has taken martial arts to the ultimate level in real combat. There are few who can match this mans experience in the UK today" - Geoff Thompson

"Mo Teague has experience in the real world that is second to none... and I do mean none. I f you want reality this is your man. I cannot recommend him highly enough, it does not get anymore real than Mo." - Geoff Thompson

"Many people talk about reality training. Mo has been there, done it, and wiped the blood off the 'T' shirt." - Andy Gibney

"Mr Teague's specialist expertise has been well received by the instructors and students alike. His detailed CQB lessons were given with confidence, and his vast martial arts experience helped broaden the knowledge of all who encountered his lessons. Mr Teague is commended for his specialist knowledge, professionalism and commitment to the training team helping ensure all training was completed to the highest standard." - MD Singleton Lt. Royal Navy

Mo Teague seminar -13th May

"This was one of the most stunning seminars I have ever hosted. Mo is a veteran of the Gulf War, as well as being a soldier for 15 years. He followed this up with 10 years working doors in his home-town of Weymouth and was a Guardian Angel in London during the late 80's. Another excellent turn-out took full advantage of Mo's knowledge and graphic descriptions of his 'encounters' over the years. Different to any seminars we have had before, Mo presented his knowledge in the form of a lecture with some physical training. The biggest talking point of the seminar was Mo punching everyone on the chin. How I know you enjoyed seeing me get punched! The demonstration graphically showed how easy it is to knock someone out and how hard you have to work to make a core technique work. It made all of us re-evaluate our training and gave us plenty to think about." - Andy Gibney

Weymouth & Portland borough council - Good citizens award 1999

In January 1997 Members of Weymouth and Portland Borough Council discussed the possibility of encouraging "good citizenship" within the borough. It was decided that one way of doing this would be to seek nominations from local residents with a proposer and seconder for acts of good citizenship carried out by individuals in a given year. In December 1999 Councillors considered all nominations received and after careful consideration I am pleased to inform you that you have been chosen to receive a Certificate of Good Citizenship because you have always put others before yourself. The nomination was proposed for the excellent work you carried out as a Martial Arts Senior Instructor and your work involving counselling people with alcohol, drugs and prison rehabilitation problems. - Cheryl Lombardo

House Of Commons -29 February 2000

Dear Maurice

I was delighted to hear from Weymouth & Portland Borough Council that they have nominated you for a Good Citizens Award in recognition of your work with martial arts and rehabilitation counselling. May I add my congratulations to those of the Borough Council. We are extremely lucky to live in such a wonderful Borough and the quality of our life here is constantly enhanced by the number of people who selflessly work for others. I do hope you get as much pleasure out of getting an Award as you have given to others by earning it. - Ian Bruce M.P

"Mo is one who I would trust to watch my back" - Grand-Master Richard Bustillo, student of Bruce Lee.

"Mo Teague has experience in the real world that is second to none -and I do mean none. If you want reality this is your man. I cannot recommend him highly enough -it does not get anymore real than Mo." - Geoff Thompson


Dear, Mo

I hope you don't mind me writing to your home address but I thought I would just drop you a line to let you know how impressed I was with the seminar you did at the British Combat Association on Sunday. I'm Kev by the way, Mic Clarks friend, (Who gave me your address). It was so refreshing to hear someone cut through the bullshit and confidence in what they were putting across, and in such a positive manor. I liked the switch on and switch off part, I used to do full contact kickboxing and when I entered the ring I saw a opponent I had to beat it was nothing personal, if I beat him I would shake his hand and buy him a drink afterwards, when I got beat I like the guy to come over and show his hand or some gesture, I know it is not in the same league as yourself with street fighting and door work but I related to it, because some of the lad's who won me were decent bloke's and I'm friends with a lot of them now, it was not personal thing. I have been to quite a few seminar's last year and I must say yours was up with the best, we know you have done what you say, and can do what you say, which all the more better than just saying this will work, or that will work, when you have done it yourself it is so much more rewarding and come across much better, I did over hear several other people say they enjoyed it also, it was not just me and Mic. I have took a lot from it and will remember all I can, I have noted all I remember and Mic has done the same if I missed something Mic should have it and vice a versa, anyway I wont bore you too much I just thought I would say how much I enjoyed the day, thank you and I hope you will be doing another seminar soon and I will see you at that one.

Yours sincerely

Kev Carter

Dear Mr. Teague

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic seminar on July 21/22 in Kettering. I work as a doorman in Newcastle, and I am very interested in "reality" based martial arts. The seminar in Kettering provided a great insight into you approach to combat. I would really like to gain more information about your methods.

Thank you very much

Yours respectfully

Matthew Teasdale

Instructor under

Grand-Master Richard Bustillo

IMB Academy, Los Angeles, California, USA

Instructor under Rick Faye

Minnesota Kali Group, 4532 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, MN55407, USA

Coach British Combat Association

51 - 53 Chel Business Centre, 26 Roundhay Road,

Leeds, L57 1AB

Geoff Thompson

Peter Consterdine

Columnist for:

Martial Arts Illustrated

Featured in Fighters and Combat magazine

Has appeared on numerous television shows including

'Kilroy' and 'Britains Toughest'.

Mo Teague